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Jim Holloway Counselling and therapy in Cambridge

Welcome to my counselling and therapy practice

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I offer conversational, creative, challenging and encouraging therapy for adults. I've studied and trained in different counselling “modalities” — both traditional and experimental — and I can be usefully versatile in responding to the problems my clients bring.

What I value more than any particular psychological model or counselling technique is being able to provide a reliable, professional, supportive and ethically confidential relationship through honest therapeutic dialogue. Good counselling and therapy is rooted in a certain relational stance by the counsellor or therapist that’s hard to describe, but it definitely involves genuine attentiveness, candour, intelligent listening and reflection.

Are counselling and therapy the same thing?
Many counsellors and therapists don’t make a clear distinction but some tend to regard counselling as short-term (a few weeks) and mainly ‘problem-solving’, and see therapy as long-term (at least a year or two) and ‘life-changing’. But effective counselling can go on for months, and good therapy can be very brief. So in actual practice there’s not much difference. (A cautionary note: in some contexts the words ‘therapy’ and ‘psychotherapy’ mean psychoanalysis. Seeing an analyst is not the same as seeing a counsellor.)

Some kind of emotional overload seems to be the main reason why many people — at any stage in life — decide to seek personal therapy or anger management counselling with a suitable therapist. Relationship difficulties, problematic anger, loss of confidence, depressive moods, pervasive unwanted emotions like jealousy, bitterness and guilt — these are the sorts of issues I can help with.

I draw on more than 20 years of practical experience in generic counselling, including NHS primary care and corporate referrals, and 15 years as an independent counsellor and therapist specialising in anger management. Most of my clients are men (of all ages); I also counsel women of course, as well as couples/pairs. People from minority groups are very welcome.

All regular appointments are booked until September

Regular sessions in Cambridge are on Tues, Weds and Thursdays
Counselling and therapy appointments are at 09:30, 11:00, 14:30, 16:00
My fee is £60 (£90 for couples/pairs) for each one-hour session
Located in south Cambridge near M11 and A10 (see map)
Unrestricted parking on quiet residential street
Comfortable ground-floor private consulting room
Call 01223 846884 or email me (all messages are confidential)

BACP Registered and Accredited Independent Counsellor and Supervisor working with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. Professional supervision for counsellors and therapists. All counselling, therapy and anger management sessions are held by appointment only at 8 Sefton Close, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9HY

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